Union Home & Cooperation Minister argues the budget will be a big boost for the vital cooperative sector


The first budget of Amrit Kaal has laid a strong foundation to fulfil the aspiration of a developed India by shoring up capital expenditure in infrastructure, slashing taxes and maintaining macroeconomic stability through fiscal prudence. Formulated under the able and dynamic leadership of PM Modi, the budget will not only help India retain its place among the fastest-growing economies of the world but will also lift global mood.

The budget the PM described as “historic” focuses on small and medium artisans, women, agriculture and green technology, among other things.  For the first time the country has come up with many schemes as a tribute to the hard work of carpenters, goldsmiths, potters and other artisans, who are the nation’s creators and carriers of our cultural heritage. The Pradhan Mantri Vishwakarma Kaushal Samman yojana is a long-deserved recognition of their contribution to the nation.

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