When Mouni Roy slapped eve-teasers during her college days! | Bangla Movie News


Mouni Roy who graduated from Miranda College in Delhi not only has fond memories from her college days but also has a few unpleasant experiences she had in the city as a student. During an interview the actor had once said that whenever someone tried to harass her or her friends, she would just slap them. Mouni insisted that she’s a very aggressive person and she has slapped people when they have tried to grab her or her friends. She even reported people to the cops. “My father always taught me to never be quiet. That’s the good thing about a Bengali household. When you are a student, you don’t follow the news or TV too much. But now, when I read about incidents in Delhi or watch the news, I just thank God that nothing major happened to me in Delhi. But it’s very important to speak up,” she once told ETimes.

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